We have a very simple plan for our community…...to provide players with an awesome Ark cluster. A cluster where you can enjoy playing with friends or meeting new people who share the same interest in this fantastic game. It can’t be simpler! 

This is a family friendly server. We want it to be a place where you can have a good time together with your real family as well as your ‘Ark’ family.

Highly boosted servers can become boring very quickly. Our settings are boosted slightly from official server settings. 

These settings should provide, you and other players on the cluster, with a more enjoyable experience overall…without the super grind that official servers bring!If you are completely new to Ark, fear not! Our awesome community will help you get started.

Feel free to ask questions in the Discord group, we have great admins and server representatives who provide help when needed.Our servers have been online for over 1 year now, we currently host all Ark maps through Nitrado. So Xbox and Windows 10 players can join our cluster.


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How to Join

Start ARK

  1. Select "Join Game" 

  2. Select "Unofficial PC Sessions"

  3. Select "All Maps" and "PVE"

  4. Search for "Deticated" or "Deti"

  5. Join the server of your choice