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13 DEC
1 Week PVP Raid Event
Raid the Admins at our special Valguero Event Map
More info at our discord

Extended War Market
Special market where you can buy and prepare stuff for our PVP Event 13 Dec
More info at our discord

29 NOV - 1 DEC
Hell Event is coming
Tame you a super high level War dino for our upcoming PVP event 13 DEC
More info at our discord

22 OKT to 5 NOV
Ark Fear Evolved will be Activated at all servers
Overgrown pumpkins, Goulish Graves, Dodorex, Dodowyvern will and zombie Dodos will visit us.
And i think we will run this event much longer then 5 Nov! If we can

11 OKT Long Waiting is over
At Friday we will start Hell Extiction..
No crying, no wining, no admins support... No one will hear your crying when things goes bad at this Hell Event. You will find it in our cluster. Happy hunting!

Server Name: DeticatedX Hell Halloween Event
Start/end: Friday to Monday morning
Difficulty: x29 = Max wild level 870
Note: There will be lot of strange shit spawning all over the map. And it will be difficult. Its Hell You know...

6 OKT Special Sea Market
This time we run Sea Market and only sell Sea Creature. At our new Sea Market at our Valguero Event map 70 player server.

COORD: 64 - 30

10h and 30 min from this time
11 PM Finland
10 PM Sweden
4 PM New York

Join and prepare for our very popular Market, sell and buy your Sea creature.  Currency are Metal Ingots. But i can also be what the Seller need and want.
Sellers should prepare the selling Dinos 1 hour before the Market starts.

Thanks to Password who have worked hard to build this Sea Market. It sue a sight and worth a visit.


29 Sept  Rooftop Party to celebrate the Defeat of the Scourge of Valg

MAP: Valguero - Hosted by Admin PasswordXD

CORDS: 82, 88

TIME: 29/9 1 PM PDT 9 PM UK 11 PM Finland 10 PM Sweden 4 PM New York

I will be throwing a Rooftop Party to celebrate the Defeat of the Scourge of Valg It will be held on the at my base

There will be Beer Food Sweet Vegi cakes flares and ofcourse Glowsticks all the glowsticks ive also found a barbie for some fantastic steaks


15 SEPT Market Day 

MAP: 70 Slot Valguero Event Server (This will be held every Sunday by different Admins)


TIME:  1 PM PDT - 9 PM UK - 11 PM Finland - 10 PM Sweden - 4 PM New York
Join us at the biggest market on the cluster. Sell, trade or buy creatures from vendors from throughout the cluster.

Currency is usually metal ingot! Hope to see you there!


1 SEPT  Return of Lady Unicorn and Warlord Krull Castle Event

TIME: 2pm PST  - Event will end when you have defeated Krull and saved Princess Unicorn

Event Time: ENDED

Story: As many know.. The mad dog Warlord Krull escaped in this last saga. Latest intel says that The mad Dog Warlord Krull has a big castle at our PVPVE Valguero Event Server.. Its time to take this mad dog down one for all.

Your mission: Storm the castle with coords given later. This is a Battle you all must Cooperate to storm and kill everything in the castle... this include all admins and event managers. They will defend Krull. If the cluster wins? We start up a "Hell Event" 

Map: Island
Event Time: ENDED

23 JUL

Map: Ragnarok, Island, Valguero & Center

Event Time: ENDED


This event will be an 'alphabet letter' scavenger hunt Find all the letters and form the secret word/phrase.

There are 9 letters total to form this "word/phrase". Each letter will be on a small metal sign along with a metal billboard that will have the clue to the next spot. All clues will be available to everyone. Clues are on Rag, Island, Center, and Valguero only.



-No stating locations of billboards! Its a hunt! Go hunt for it!

-Work as and win as a tribe, even if you're solo.

-Any means to find billboards is ok (flyers, drakes, manas..etc)

-Guessing is aloud in events chat.

-Only 5 guesses per tribe a day!

Everything after will not count for that day..

-Tag me for every guess in events channel! Ends in one week! Prize is a fully built lake

house with dinos with utility structures! House is located on Valguero at 73.6 56.1




Map: Ragnarok Event Map

Event Time: ENDED

Build your own Supermarket in the Blue Obelisk/Viking Bay areas. This will make a Supermarket Area.

Here we will all trade, buy and sell dinos. Show off some of your building talents as well 😉

We have a separate server for this Event. Most dino spawns are disabled to help make server as lag free as possible.

Weight stat is heavily boosted and structure pickup time has been increased to 120 seconds.

21 JUN

Gladiator Arena "Pokémon Style Battle"
Map: Ragnarok Event Map

Event Time: TBA

Round 1- Small Creatures - Completed

Round 2 - Medium Creatures

Wednesday July 17th

11am PDT/ 2pm EST/ 6pm UK

Round 3 to be announced, keep up to date with news on the event on discord


Prize: 1224 Rockdrake with 100% imprint


Prize: Phoenix

Dino Blood Bath Winner: TNHeadhunteR

Prize: Alpha Raptor


Prize: Unicorn

22 JUN

DODO Destination

Event Time: ENDED
You and your tribes mission is to move 20 Dodos from point A to point B on the island. The player(s) that reach the finish line with the most dodos alive is the winner. Dodos cannot be carried by flyers, by raft or by platform saddles…they must be walked on foot!

WINNER of this event: Wolfie. Prize: 4 painted dinos by an admin & level 600 corrupt spino


23 JUN

Market Day

Event Time: ENDED
All players are welcome to sell, trade and buy dinos at our new marketplace located near the Red Obelisk at the Island.



Event Time: ENDED

Ragnarok SURPRISE High Level Event


18 MAY

Market Day

Event Time: ENDED

All players are welcome to sell, trade and buy dinos at our new marketplace located near the Red Obelisk at the Island.


18 MAY

Raptor Race

Event Time: ENDED
Bring in your best raptor! This custom track is a real doozy. First raptor to hit the finish line will be crowned champ!


MAP: Island
CORDS: 70-5

DAY: Wednesdays
12pm-1pm PDT
DESCRIPTION: At this Market players travel from all over the cluster to buy, sell and  trade creatures with other players in the cluster!


MAP: Ragnarok
CORDS: 26-25
TIME: TBA at Discord
DESCRIPTION: Buy, sell and trade Exotic creatures with all other player in cluster.


market day

MAP: Valguero Event

DAY: Sundays
TIME: 4 pm PDT
DESCRIPTION: Join us at our 70 Slot Valguero Event Server for a market! Buy and sell dinos with your fellow player.



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