Cluster Rules & Guidelines

The following rules apply to ALL PvE maps within our cluster and
are to be adhered to by every player on the server:

Valguero server Rules

& settings

 - 2 bases allowed per tribe,

this includes a water pen

- Max Structures 4500

-Decay Timers are the same as all other servers


On/Around Deinonychus Nest Spawns

- NO BLOCKING Obelisks, Major Routes or Passageways, Artifact Caves, Resource Spawn Areas, entrances/exits to Underwater Zone

and Aberration Zone

If you are not sure about something in the rules please ask and admin to clarify or provide you

with proper information before you proceed. 

An Admin's Word is The Law!


It is important to have a mature conversation, childish behavior will NOT be tolerated!

If it becomes an argument, try to solve it between yourselves first.. preferably through DM/Private messaging. Don't involve the entire cluster!

No racism, profanity, sexism or discrimination allowed

No stealing or kiting allowed

No vulgar, sexual or inappropriate tribe or character names allowed. This is a family friendly server!

No 'Tribe of Human/Humano' or characters named 'Human/Humano' allowed.

Global chat is in English only

No pillaring or foundation spamming allowed

No picking up players without their permission

No blocking of Obelisks, artifact caves, beaver spawns, castles, etc (Ragnarok Swamp Castle)


Destroy your taming/pen/cages after you are done with them. If you don't, an admin will

Make sure to disable mating of dinos, if an admin finds a mass breeding….. all dinos will be wiped


Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 

Island Special Rules:
- Only 4 (four) specialty creatures allowed per tribe

(Wyvern, Rock Drake, Basilisk, Phoenix, Griffin, Rock Elemental)

- Only 1 (one) base per tribe 

- No Meks or Reapers
(Allowed only when it is Market Day)

-  Using behemoth gates and spiked walls as fences in the Southern Spawn Areas is forbidden. This area is for new players/survivors.

- It is forbidden to build on Carno Island and Herbivore Island

Ragnarok Special Rules:
- Only 2 (Two) Bases per tribe

- Building at the Castle is NOT Allowed

- Cave Building Allowed

(If you block/seal off a cave that has an artifact or major resource in it to prevent other players from entering, an admin will clear the structures used to block/seal without warning)

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