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- Max level Player: 300

- Tribe Tame Limit: 250

- 6x Taming


- 4x Crafting 

- 10x Hatching

- 30x Breeding/mature 

- 4x XP


- 4x Special XP

- 0.7x Egg interval / 6 hours

- 0.5x Food drain at tames

- 6x XP on dino stamina and weight

- 9x Character base weight

- 4x gas drain (this is very low)


We have the same settings

on all PVE servers.

We host all our servers at

EU London / US New York.


Max Wild Dino Levels

for each map are:

Island - 240 Max Wilds

288 Tek Creatures

Ragnarok - 300 Max Wilds

360 Tek Creatures

380 Wyvern Eggs


Scorched - 360 Max Wilds

432 Tek Creatures

456 Wyvern Eggs


Aberration - 420 Max Wilds

504 Tek Creatures

532 Rock Drake Eggs

Center - 420 Max Wilds

504 Tek Creatures

Extinction - 420 Max Wilds

504 Tek Creatures

Valguero - 480 Max Wilds

576 Tek Creatures

608 Wyvern Eggs


Cost: 30k Metal Ingot
List of Creatures that can be painted:
Basilisk, Griffin, Karkinos, Lymantria, Mantis, Phoenix, Rock Elemental, Rock Drakes, Onyc, Scorpions, Arthropluera, Titanoboa, Wyvern

(Anything that does not have a gender or is unbreedable)

Buy the following from and Admin:
TEK ransmitter 4K Metal Ingots
TEK Generator 2K Metal ingots
CryoFridge 1K Metal ingots

Special Cluster Settings:

- Custom Beacons

- You can craft Elements from Ingots


- Custom Stack Multiplier for various items

- Stacking of Prime Meat, Mutton, Wyvern Milk, etc.

- Raw Meat stacks in 2500

- Fish Meat Stacks in 500

- Level 5, Unlocks TEK Generator and Transmitter Engrams

- Character and Dino downloads


- Faster respawn of resources

- Longer days, shorter nights

- Tek Cloning Chamber has been disabled over the entire Cluster

- Server restart countdown has been set to 200 seconds. This should allow players to get to their base or somewhere safely before server restarts


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